Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unveiled by Grace...hmmm - catchy title, Derek. What IS this thing called grace, anyway?
Can I get to the bottom of it ever or really understand it?

Paul talked about abounding grace; Peter mentioned the God of all grace. I wonder if I have a working definition of grace or it is just another word from my 'evangelical' vocabulary? I love the idea of a blog so that we can think outloud-or just think. Since Derek asked me to do this blog with him, the rusty wheels are trying to move!!

Audrey sent me a graceful gift of grace...You are speaking, Lord! Guess I will join you, Derek, in a journey of being further unveiled by grace! Good thing we will have lots of posts coming and maybe guest 'posters' to explore this grace, grace, God's grace!

to be continued...

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