Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I am a Modern Man.

2010. What a fast world we live in. I heard someone say that the age we live in has all but rid us of the ability to wait. Whatever it is we may be seeking: information, resources, better health, wisdom, etc., we expect it instantaneously. I am as guilty of that as the next person. I don't want to spend 3 months working out and eating all plants just to lose 20 lbs. I want to wake up tomorrow morning and suddenly see that trim (and good-looking) guy whom I often imagine yet rarely visits. When I examine myself, I realize that many facets of my life encompass this attitude. I hate to admit it, but I am a modern man.

Frustratingly though, when I allow myself to fall into this modern mindset, I often miss what the Lord has designed for my life: A life that experiences true joy by waiting for Him to provide. But further, and here is the real key, a life that experiences true joy by waiting for Him to provide according to His timing. This is where the rubber meets the runway. I can talk all day about how God is my provider, but when it comes to truly waiting, I often lose patience and faith. But if I could take a step (or 500) back from my life, I would realize that God's timing is always perfect and is yet another act of His gracious love for me. By looking behind me, down the road of my life, I often discover that God had denied me one thing in order to provide another thing so much better. In my life, the best illustration is Hope, the wonderful girl I married...my partner for life. True joy was waited for and ultimately provided by God in the form of a women designed by Him specifically for me.

Yet for me, and I would guess most of us, I am a slow learner. I fail to see that what He may be holding back from me in the present is surely for my best interest going forward. Why would I want something other than what God has prepared? Do I remember and trust that truth every moment? No. But the Lord is surely roping off this section of my life and I intend to let Him have His way with me.

So have a listen to this new song by Arcade Fire, aptly title "Modern Man." It succinctly describes our modern mentality, which ultimately leaves us empty.

Arcade Fire - Modern Man


  1. Have your way Oh Lord...Have your way. Love to see you posting again my love - I love you and your words are such an encouragement to my own walk with Our Lord.

    Your Girl

  2. Hey, glad to read ya agai n too! I have missed the entries/thoughts/musings of the eastern clan. Love ya!