Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who am I? Continued?

Who Am I?

Derek had a great post with the Samples "Who am I?" and it resonated with me in a few different ways. I do not think it is possible to turn 60 without contemplating life's meaning and it's fleeting nature. It seems like the earth is turning faster and more furiously yet I know that cannot be!

When cancer threatened my life it really got personal...20 more years of life sounds reasonable but 5 or less? Time suddenly seemed not to be a friend of mine.

One of my thoughts in facing the possible shortness of life is how I have not done enough. I have not accomplished what I wanted to with counseling or helping my children, or their children, or doing things for others, or making any kind of difference in this world. I have lots of good intentions that remain undone.
From there, my thoughts go on to how I have let people down with not being kind enough, or sweet enough, or unselfish enough, or you name it!

I cannot explain the answer to all these spiraling down thoughts in a way that compares to the words of this song.

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  1. I just have to comment, dear Sis! My question lately is: 'What is my story, Lord? I am a bit lost here, as there have been some dips and turns in the path." I love the conversation in "The horse and his boy," from the Narnia series. Aslan says, 'Tell me your sorrows.' and then Aslan tells Shasta his story from Aslan's perspective. A friend reminds me, 'We are continually exchanging our perspective for God's.' love you, LJG