Thursday, October 13, 2011

Michael Wells - All For God's Glory

Several years ago, my mom (Joanie) gave me a series of messages by a man named Michael Wells. Michael Wells ministry was called Abiding Life Ministries. He traveled abroad and spoke to Christians all over the globe about the truth of "Christ in you" (Col. 1:27). Reminding believers that we are complete in Christ and that the Christian life is all about abiding in Christ. Michael Wells' messages (or seminars as he called them) have had a vast impact on both my mom's and my walk with Jesus.

Yesterday, my mom called me and told me the sad news that Michael Wells had recently passed away while traveling in Costa Rica. Here is part of the message that is now on his Abiding Life Ministries website:

It is with heavy hearts we share the news that the number of Mike Wells’ days has come.  The Lord has taken him home.  Although we miss Mike dearly, we rejoice in knowing that the love, compassion, grace and hope in Jesus that Mike so passionately shared with us will carry us through.  Mike’s consistent message to us all, “there is nothing the nearness of Jesus cannot overcome,” is especially meaningful now.

Michael certainly lived a Gospel-centered life, preaching all Jesus all the time, and bringing glory to God wherever he traveled. He often said that the purpose of our life here on earth was to steadily lose all of our glory (my pride, my kingdom, my strength, and my righteousness), prepare us to be about only His Glory (His kingdom, His strength, His righteousness), and thereby, make us safe for Heaven. I guess the Lord decided that Michael's preparation was complete. To this end, here is one of my favorite clips from his "Keeping The Focus" seminar:

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