Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Unveiling Music --- Citizens

I'm back, jack!! I will be aiming to post several times a week. Please check back regularly and let me know your thoughts. The PCDC (my new acronym...any guesses at to what it stands for?) has turned off the Cable/Netflix/Hulu for the summer so I should have ample time to share.

You all know me well, so it should come as no surprise that my first post is music related.

Just discovered these guys out of Seattle and I am hooked. Citizens is definitely off the beaten path of what is typical for "Christian" music. To me this is a a good thing and definitely hype-worthy. Not to mention, this makes me want to grow my beard back!

Here are two of Citizen's songs:


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  1. Derek! welcome back to ur post! I can picture the whole DuRoss clan bopping & dancing to the song, 'Made Alive' in your kitchen. Amazing that you found them. I think-"let everything that is within me praise the Lord." Thanks for posting the videos. PCDC: something, something, DuRoss Clan. send hugs to everyone, A Laura