Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Golden Boy & the Prodigal

Here is a song by Jason Gray (a new favorite of mine) which really spoke to me and the place in which I am right now. A place I am always in whether or not I realize it and further, whether or not I am willing to acknowledge it to God. It is a place of constant need of Jesus to be my complete sufficiency and life. When I deceive myself into believing that I am good enough and can provide for my needs, that I can be the husband/father my family deserves, that I can prevent Jesus from seeing into the dark corners of my heart, then I remove forget the gift of freedom in Christ and replace it with prison walls. Walls that inevitably move ever closer to me until I acknowledge to Jesus who I am and go running into His loving and open arms. Even though I so often long to be the Golden Boy...

I am the Prodigal.

Who are you?


  1. Derek....thnx for the reminder....it sure is and always will be a daily, even sometimes moment by moment, reminder to surrender so that Christ can live in us, through us and most definitely in spite of us!!

  2. Thanks bro, I am going to use this video for my sermon illustration this week. I found another video of Jason Gray explaining more about the song at http://vimeo.com/13465825?ab When you get a chance check out our updated family blog at http://gettinreal1.blogspot.com/ Love and miss you my brother